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Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Our state-of-the-art technology let you monitor shipments with just one click through the Internet and access a wealth of data in one file.
All you need is a Personal Computer and a modem! An Internet account or Web Browser!

We manage all global shipments before, during and after they are shipped. This provides our customers with automated pre-shipment planning by the customer or across customers by consignee. This also enable users to generate a booking request and confirmation of shipments under our "Customer Instruction Screen".

Track shipments by P.O., Item Number, Vendor Purchase Number, House bill Number, Shipper, Origin and Destination.

Print On-Hand Booking, Final Loading and Customized reports.

View Warehousing information.

With our On-Line help, customers can get the full service they deserve and expect.

If You already have a CIF Customer Name and Password,


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