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Meet Our Team


China International Freight Company Limited (CIF) was established in November 1988 in Taipei

China International Freight Company Limited (CIF) was established in November 1988 in Taipei, Taiwan by a team of young, dedicated and dynamic people who are well trained and highly experienced in logistics, shipping, consolidation and forwarding industries.

We believe that the foundation of good work is experience and close teamwork. Our main objective is to offer the highest quality customized service in the business, whilst providing complete and excellent multi-modal service to earn lasting respect and loyalty of our customers.

Our mission is to contribute to the professional development and growth of the forwarding industry and become a truly integrated company with the local and international partners from all over the world.


CIF Group Lifting & Performance
2013 - 213,249 TEUS
2014 - 230,308 TEUS
2015 - 241,824 TEUS
2016 - 254,581 TEUS
2017 - 288,758 TEUS
2018 - 302,555 TEUS

2019 - 310,462 TEUS

CIF is ranked No. 10 in Top 100 NVOs Asia-to-US Volume 2018 Jan to Dec.

We entered 20+ service contracts with those major Transpacific carriers and we can safe guard our customers with sufficient space supply at satisfying and competitive rates.


Abiding by the management idea of "not the biggest but the best"

Abiding by the management idea of "not the biggest but the best", we strive to provide superior, innovative assistance, and to bring about a high level of quality and customer service that would enable us to achieve an admirable market allocation.

Nowadays, CIF operates 20 branch offices throughout Asia, and has an extensive network of partners and associates across the globe.

CIF is recognized and reputed by every customer nationwide as a professional logistics service provider, we assist manufacturers and retailers utilize competitive advantage of multimodal combined transport, by virtue of its offering of a ONE STOP SHOP concept of supply chain management solutions.

Our unique cargo Track and Trace system integrates information from different stages of the shipping trajectory and customers can straightly access the transportation and historical data online.

Over 800 experienced and professional staff with 100 full-time sales on the road.

Our ideology of quality enhancement is befitting to every area of our organization, these includes customer service, marketing, finance and human resources. Each team member is embedded with do it right the first time and do it better the next time mindset.

CIF is?your choice?ever!?What else!